Oliver Eugene YOUNGS


Delia LEDGER 1814-1892

Celtic Cross


Canada abt. 1831



Believe this might be Mary Young, she was married to Lawrence Wells. Need to check out more information. Last name Wells, I have found in the church records the same person with the last name spelled different ways: WELLS, DEWELLS, DEUEL. Most likely the way it was pronounced in French and not to many people where able to read & write back than? Than how than name finaly ended up? Miranda Bombard (child of Battie/John B. Bombard and Philemon/Philenda Beresa), b. 10 November 1859, Alburgh, Vt. m. 8 May 1882, Isle la Motte, Vt., Lawrence Wells Jr., b. St. Albans, Vt., son of Lawrence and Mary Ann (Young/Lajeunesse) Wells.
Her brother married a Celinda Bombard. There are many Bambards and also found a few "Wells". Miranda Bombard would been about 22 when she married Lawrence Wells Jr. So he would have been about 22? Than when the children where married 1882, Mary Young the one of the mothers would have been about 42? Also the location is also a good possibility. (need to find more information?)
1.2 Oliver Cameo/Cameron/Camaraire, b. c. 1816/1820/1822, Canada--d. 1907. m. (1) Joseph _____, b. c. l825, Canada, or to Lisette Dugue: marriage rehabilitated 13 July 1845, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Cooperville, NY to Louise Dugue, daughter of Pierre Dugue and Francoise Dupuis (see under Drewyea for her family). Burial 28 February 1853, St. Joseph's Corbeau, Coopersville, N.Y., Lisette Dugue, wife of Olivier Camaraire, died the 10th at Alburgh at the age of about 30 years. m. (2) Mary Young/ Lajeunesse, b. c. 1832/35/38/42, Vt.--died 1911, North Hero, Vt., aged 80 years. Her gravestone says born 1834--died 1912, buried South Hero Cemetery. 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 censuses, North Hero, Vt. They lived on Cherry/Cameron's Island near Butler's Island.

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