McManus There are two sources for the surname 'MCMANUS' in Ireland. One was started in the person of Manus O'CONNOR, Lord of Tír Tuathail, who was slain in 1181. The other was in Manus MAGUIRE, the king of Ulster who died in the early 1300's. These are two distinct lineages/families but yet related to each other -- Manus O'Connor is the 25th cousin-3 generations removed of Manus Maguire and their common ancestor was Carbury Lifechar (of the Liffey River).
Another is the intermarriage of Thomas Maguire (son of Philip-na-tuaithe Maguire) and Una (daughter of Tadhg McManus-O'Connor) whose grandson was Cathal oge MacManus-Maguire (i.e. the compiler of the Annals of Ulster). It is contested that the name is Norse in origin coming either from Charlemagne (i.e. Carlo Magnus, or Charles the Great, which is in truth Briton-French and "the Great" was not added until after his death. He reigned from 768), or King Magnus of Norway (who reigned until shortly after 976). Now that even though both names are similar in spelling to Mhagnuis, the meaning in their own language is quite different. This begins to cast a shadow on the logic in the connection even though there is a connection of Norse relations with the Irish around Lough Erne and Connacht areas. (There were definite family relationships between Clan Ranald of Scotland, who had documented ties with the Vikings, and although there are names like Raghnall and Amlabh or 'Olaf' showing up in the family, we will find that the name of Magnus is practically non-existent in the descendants).

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